Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Fun with Pinkie the Flamingo

Pinkie the Flamingo on Halloween

Tinkerbell and Pinkie

Trick or Treating with Tinkerbell (aka Madison), Cinderella (aka Elizabeth),
and Pinkie the Flamingo (aka Reece)

Did I say Pinkie loves Pink? Jammin' on her cousin's piano!

Reece and I ventured out to Melissa for our annual trick or treating with the cousins Madi and Elli. We celebrated Uncle Ryan's birthday too with some yummy food! Then we hit the streets to gather some "Snacks" as the two youngest would say instead of "trick or treat." Reece was mostly interested in ringing the doorbell, but fun was had by all. These 3 girls in my opinion are about the most adorable things ever!